Does your weight affect your symptoms?

Do drugs affect your mood?

Do vitamins affect your menstrual cycle?

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Know yourself

Do you ever notice how certain foods can make you tired? Have you wondered if your mood improves with exercise? Do you know how your relationship changes with your menstrual cycle?

Now you can make sense of it all. Track multiple aspects of your health and lifestyle and see how they change. Watch patterns emerge that will help you improve health and happiness for a lifetime...

Track what fits you

    Select from over 500 charts with daily journals:
  • Symptoms such as Pain & Headaches
  • Vitality such as Mood & Libido
  • Body measurements such as Blood pressure & Temperature
  • Treatments such as Medication & Supplements
  • Body activity such as Sleep & Exercise
  • Food diary and Consumption such as Carbs & Calories
  • Diet, Menstrual cycle and much more!

Understand your changes

Study your charts to see how different aspects of your health might relate to each other. Search and mark days when you ate certain foods, and compare with symptoms, mood, or body measurements. Overlay average lines to see trends over the weeks. Visit the Community Forums to read and share notes with other Subscribers. Don't forget to stop by the Research and News areas for background information and the latest health-related findings from around the world.

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It's personal

Choose and track only the charts that you want. Keep them private or share them with doctors, family and friends.

It's private

Data is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. First and last names are not stored with your data.

It's convenient

Access your charts online anywhere, anytime.

It's free!

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ChartMySelf helps you see the impact of your choices through charting your own data. Absolutely brilliant creation.

- Dr. J.M., CA

I charted the subtle changes in my daily lifestyle over a period of months and found trends in my back pain that I never saw before.

- T.D., CA

ChartMySelf gives me a new tool to assist my patients discover relationships between their lifestyle and their symptoms. It's a great advance!

- Dr. M.C., CA

With unique charting technology, ChartMySelf truly brings personal health management into the 21st century.

- K.S., NJ