Privacy Policy

Effective November 1, 2008

ChartMySelf was designed with utmost respect for your privacy and comfort online.

Healthy Pixels LLC owns and operates and the online services available through (collectively the Website). Healthy Pixels LLC makes the Website available to individual persons who are identified by a single login email address which may not be shared by more than one person (You). By using, visiting, or subscribing to the Website, You agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and the Privacy policy. If You do not agree to this Privacy Policy, You may not use the Website or subscribe to ChartMySelf and other services available through the Website (ChartMySelf and all other services available through the Website are referred to collectively as the Services).

ChartMySelf helps You regularly track information about Your body, health, and lifestyle so You can use that information to improve or maintain wellness. Charts are intended to display values obtained by self-evaluation or reading home measuring devices as needed. The charts are not intended to be medical records, and this Website does not store or manage medical records. More information on PHR (personal health record) programs can be found under the Research link on this website. Despite the value of information or inferences that may be gathered from tracking and analyzing charts, ChartMySelf is not a source of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and does not substitute in any way for services by a health care provider.

I. Communicating with Us

When You subscribe to ChartMySelf, You must provide an email address which is used for confirming subscription, logging in, and communicating with Healthy Pixels LLC about Your account or use of the Website. You may receive reminders, Website update information, and other important messages about ChartMySelf through email. If Your email address changes, You should update Your email address through the Account Settings menu in order to maintain communication with Healthy Pixels LLC.

Any personally identifiable information provided in communication with us will not be linked to Your health data at Healthy Pixels LLC unless the purpose of the communication is to obtain authorization for medical information disclosure.

II. Controlling Your Information

By default, You are the only person who can view and edit Your information. If You choose to, You can share Your information with others by printing or emailing the information from the Website.

III. Collection of Subscription Information, Profile Information, and Health Information

When You subscribe to ChartMySelf, we collect information that includes, but is not limited to, email address, screen name, gender, zip code, and date of birth:

  • Email addresses are stored encrypted and used as login names because they are unique and allow for private communication with us. Healthy Pixels LLC does not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any email addresses it gathers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Healthy Pixels LLC or the Website is acquired by or merged with another company, Healthy Pixels LLC may, as part of such a transaction, permit the acquiring or merging party to access or own Healthy Pixels LLC's previously gathered email addresses. In this event, Healthy Pixels LLC will notify You before transferring Your email address and changing privacy policies.
  • Screen names are used for on-screen greetings as well as identity on the ChartMySelf Community Forums. You are responsible for keeping Your anonymity with a non-identifiable screen name in the ChartMySelf subscription process. You may also change Your screen name under the Account Settings.
  • Demographic information such as gender, zip code, and date of birth are de-identified and aggregated for use by the Website to compare Your data with other Subscriber data or third-party data. This de-identified, aggregate (grouped) information may only be displayed when sufficient data is available to maintain Your anonymity.
  • Optional profile information may also be collected that includes, but is not limited to, Your starting height, starting weight, number of children, and health conditions. This information will be aggregated (grouped) and combined with other de-identified information to publish trends that help You, other subscribers and Healthy Pixels LLC. Trends calculated on the Website may not display unless You have entered the related profile information that pertains to the calculation.
  • Health information that You enter on the Website will be stored to provide You with online health tracking services for online access at all times.
  • Journal and memo entries are encrypted and will never be used in de-identified or aggregate form.
  • Aggregate, de-identified health information may be used to calculate trends that may be published, shared, rented, or sold to third parties at the discretion of Healthy Pixels LLC. Such information does not identify You individually.

IV. Collection of Website Usage Information

  • Information about Your usage of the Website, including, but not limited to, login frequency, chart topics, news topics, and links clicked, may be gathered in aggregate to help manage and improve the site.
  • Healthy Pixels LLC collects non-personal information about browser type, IP address, and Web pages visited to help manage the site.
  • The Website uses cookies to record information about Your browser to make the Website work correctly and efficiently. The cookies are small bits of information that the Website places on your computer to identify and store data including, but not limited to, forum preferences, tool settings, browser settings, php session id, and navigation data.
  • Aggregate, non-personal information about Website usage may be shared with third parties at the discretion of Healthy Pixels LLC. Such information does not identify You individually.
  • The Website uses Google Site Stats to track clicks on Google Sponsored Links to improve the efficiency of advertising for this Website. To measure performance, Google uses small strings of text (cookies) that are placed on Your computer when You click on ads. Cookies typically remain active on Your computer for about 30 days. If You visit certain pages of the Website during that period, Google and Healthy Pixels LLC will be able to tell that you saw the ad delivered by Google. If You want to know more about how Google handles information gathered from the use of cookies, please read the Google privacy policy.

V. Protection of Information

Healthy Pixels LLC protects the security of Your information through internal procedures and technology:

  • Healthy Pixels LLC will not disclose any of Your medical information without a CMIA (Confidentiality of Medical Information Act)-compliant authorization, unless required by law.
  • Employees and contractors of Healthy Pixels LLC sometimes have access to Your personal information in the course of assisting in operating the business and providing services to You. Contractors include vendors and suppliers that provide us with technology, services, and/or content for the operation and maintenance of the website. Employees and contractors have an obligation under their contracts with us to keep Your information confidential and to comply with privacy and security policies. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to discipline, including termination and criminal prosecution, if they fail to meet these obligations.
  • Healthy Pixels LLC uses administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to help protect Your information.
  • All data is transmitted securely on the web server through HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer).

VI. Protecting Your Own Information

You are encouraged to take these safeguards in protecting Your personal information from accidental loss, misuse or theft:

  • Choose passwords carefully. Use a mix of numbers and letters that are easier for You to remember but difficult for someone else to figure out. Do not use personal information like Your name or birthday inside Your password. Never give Your password to anyone, and change it frequently.
  • Log out of ChartMySelf every time You finish a session, and close Your browser. Although sessions time out after 30 minutes, Your computer may store information that can be damaged or lost in case of theft or unauthorized use.
  • Install and use antivirus software and spyware protection. Keep antivirus and antispyware software up-to-date to prevent harm to Your computer or personal information stored on Your system.
  • Set up the security of all accounts on Your computer through Your system's Security preferences. Never leave portable computers unattended, and consider using alarm systems to protect portable computers from theft when vulnerable.
  • You do not need to use Your first or last name for any communication unless requested to solve a problem with Your account.

VII. Information Sharing or Disclosure

  • Healthy Pixels LLC may release personal information to third parties to comply with valid legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order. In the event that Healthy Pixels LLC is legally compelled to disclose Your personal information to a third party, there will be reasonable efforts to notify You unless doing so would violate the law or court order.
  • If Healthy Pixels becomes involved in a merger, acquisition, or any form of sale of some or all of its assets, we will provide notice before personal information is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

VIII. Community Forums and External Sites

The Community Forums on the Website allow exchange of information about chart topics and experiences with the Website. By default, Your posts will be associated with your screen name. Please remember that any information that You post in the Community Forums is, by design, open to the public and is not subject to the protections of this Privacy Policy. Healthy Pixels LLC may also link to other websites on its Website but this Privacy Policy does not extend to any information You make available to any external site. In that regard, Healthy Pixels LLC makes no representations about the privacy policies of any external website.

IX. Changes to Privacy Policy

Healthy Pixels LLC reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without advance notice to You. The most current version of this Privacy Policy will be accessible from the bottom of the pages at Please review the Privacy Policy periodically to confirm Your acceptance.